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ACL Injury Prevention Jump Program

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries occur in men and women of all ages, in variety of sports that involve sudden stopping, cutting and landing from a jump.  This injury is especially common in the sports realm and Rebound’s doctors perform ACL reconstructions almost daily.

Rebound Physical Therapy offers a neuro-muscular proprioceptive plyometic program that is researched based by Sportmetrics*.  This program helps prevent injury and is also used in rehabilitation following  ACL reconstruction before the athlete returns to play.  This Neuro-muscular plyometric training program is designed specifically to provide coordination, balance, and strength to prepare the athlete for the various potential injuries they may face in sports.

Research on these specific plyometric programs have shown the potential to lower the risk of female ACL injuries by 3-4 fold.

Focus of this training program is to:

  • Decrease landing force
  • Change jumping and landing mechanics to provide increase stability
  • Correct imbalance in hamstring and quadriceps strength ratios
  • Improve right to left leg strength and coordination imbalances
  • Increase overall vertical jump height

The Components of the Jump Program include:

  • Technique- Athlete will develop proper form and mechanics
  • Fundamentals- Athlete will learn how to build of their base of strength, power and agility
  • Performance- Athlete will increase quality of jumps and translate the skills they learn to the playing field

WSA Coaches Jump Program Description