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Foot and Ankle Injury Prevention Tips

Preventing many different types of athletic injuries begins with a combination of proper warm-up, conditioning and careful attention to technique. Because the feet and ankles are subject to high performance in a variety of sports, they are susceptible to injury. Our foot and ankle team offers the most advanced injury… Read more »

Tips for Managing Heel Pain from Plantar Fasciitis

Our feet bear weight and stress daily, and with increased activity and lack of proper support, they are prone to inflammation and pain. One of the most common causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Rebound physical therapist, Lisa Seitz, provides tips for managing heel pain from plantar fasciitis below.… Read more »

Foot and Ankle Stress Fractures

Sports place many physical demands on athletes’ bodies, particularly on weight-bearing bones like the bones in the foot and ankle. Overuse injuries to these high-performing bones, such as stress fractures, are incredibly common experiences for athletes of all varieties. Rebound’s foot and ankle team has extensive experience in treating foot… Read more »

Hammertoe Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Painful foot conditions can be brought on by a variety of reasons: poor footwear, muscle imbalance, overuse, etc. At Rebound, our board-certified foot and ankle surgeons treat a variety of these conditions, including hammertoe. Our team offers the most advanced foot and ankle care in the Portland metropolitan area, using… Read more »

Bunion Correction and Surgery

Our feet go through quite a bit. With more than a million steps taken each year, questionable shoe choices, sports, recreational activities and the usual wear and tear, it is not surprising that our team of foot and ankle specialists see a wide variety of pain and injury related issues.… Read more »

My Aching Foot: Foot Pain Causes and Treatments

How many steps do you think you take per year? Would you guess that number reaches more than one million? You’re probably more familiar with the expression “my aching back,” but plenty of us experience foot pain at some point (we do, after all, put our feet through quite the… Read more »