Arthritis Awareness Month

May is an important month for raising awareness of conditions that affect musculoskeletal health, including arthritis. At Rebound, we are dedicated to helping spread awareness by offering resources and doctor insight concerning this disease that affects so many lives each year.

In honor of Arthritis Awareness Month, we’ve put together some fast facts about the condition and compiled some of our top resources from our orthopedic surgeons.

Arthritis Fast Facts

  • According to the Arthritis Foundation, nearly 53 million adults and 300,000 children have some form of arthritis, making it the leading cause of disability in America.
  • Arthritis is a blanket term, or informal term, to refer to more than 100 forms of joint pain and joint disease.
  • While arthritis is more common among those older in age, particularly women, it can actually affect people of all ages and sexes.

What is Arthritis? What Causes Arthritis?

There are many different forms of arthritis: degenerative, inflammatory, infectious and metabolic. Our team of orthopedic surgeons uses the latest advancements in diagnostic and treatment techniques, including joint replacement, to help return patients suffering from damage caused by arthritis to a mobile and full lifestyle. Learn about some common forms of below.

Degenerative arthritis is also referred to as osteoarthritis, which involves the wearing down of bone cartilage over time.

Inflammatory arthritis is occurs when the immune system attacks the joints in the body, causing inflammation, pain, and potential joint and organ damage.

Infectious arthritis is brought on by an infectious bacteria, virus or fungus that enters the joint, causing pain, stiffness and swelling.

Metabolic arthritis, also commonly referred to as gout, is a form of arthritis that causes severe pain and develops due to high levels of uric acid in the body.

What are Common Symptoms of Arthritis?

Arthritis is most commonly characterized by joint pain, which can affect many areas of the body such as the hips, knees, hands, shoulders, feet and ankles. It is often accompanied by swelling, stiffness and mobility difficulty.

Rebound Resources and Related Treatment

Five Types of Shoulder Arthritis & Available Treatment

Shoulder arthritis can be a painful condition that hinders your mobility and overall functionality of your shoulder. Learn more about the types of arthritis that affect the shoulder and available treatment from Rebound shoulder surgeon, Dr. Anthony Wei.

Hip Bursitis vs. Hip Osteoarthritis: How to Know the Difference

Sharp pains, stiffness and tenderness are common symptoms associated with a hip condition. Because hip bursitis vs hip osteoarthritis share a lot of symptoms, it is sometimes difficult for patients to know the cause of their discomfort. In this article, Dr. Edward Sparling helps distinguish the symptoms and causes of hip bursitis and hip osteoarthritis.

Foot and Ankle Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Our feet and ankles experience a lot of wear and tear. Learn which joints in the foot are most susceptible to osteoarthritis and post-traumatic arthritis, which surgical and nonsurgical treatments are used for both forms of foot and ankle arthritis, prevention methods and tips to relieve pain.

Hip Replacement: How to Prepare and What to Expect

When it comes to severe hip arthritis, total hip replacement is considered the most effective way to relieve pain and improve mobility. Some of the most common causes of hip pain are from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post-traumatic (injury-related) arthritis. This article explains the different types of hip replacement procedures available.

A Guide to Knee Replacement Surgery

Severe knee pain and decreased mobility can often be the result of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or injury. Knee replacement surgery is considered a successful and effective way to help patients improve their quality of life. We’ve put together this helpful guide to give you a step-by-step look at the procedure, help you determine whether you may benefit from the knee replacement, and offer recommendations for recovery.