Bike-Fitting Clinics

Do you experience problems with knee, hip, or spine pain or experience hand numbness and/or tingling while cycling? These issues can often be solved once you properly fit your bike. Most bike frames come in standard sizes, so it’s important to customize your bike to fit your unique features. Rebound physical therapist, Mike Baer, offers bike fitting using video motion analysis. Video facilitates precise adjustments to your positioning and can help eliminate those nagging injuries. Especially for longer rides, a proper bike fitting will ensure you are comfortable and maximize your efficiency.

The video below shows an example of bike fitting using video analysis at Rebound. Angle and tracking measurements allow us to make changes in your foot, seat, and handlebar position to maximize your comfort and efficiency. Additionally, we can address overuse injuries and minimize your risk for developing cycling-related problems. We will also provide you with appropriate stretching and/or strengthening exercises to address any muscular weakness or tightness.

Rebound Bike-Fitting FAQs:

  • Fitting is by appointment only on Mondays, between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.
  • Appointments take 90 minutes, and the cost is $150.
  • Bring your bike, shoes, and shorts to your appointment.
  • Rebound Bike Fitting is for positioning on your current bike; we can make recommendations for equipment changes, but we do not sell bike parts.