January 31, 2011 – Portland, OR – John P. Kafrouni, M.D. joins Rebound Orthopedics and Neurosurgery in February 2011.  Dr. Kafrouni is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and sub-specialty board certified in Sports Medicine.  He provides com­prehensive care of spinal, sports and neuromuscular disorders and has ex­tensive experience in spinal cord injury. In addition, his specialties include minimally invasive and regenerative/proliferative techniques to address spinal, joint and extremity pain, electrodiagnosis, and spasticity manage­ment.

Dr. Kafrouni brings a new treatment to Rebound called prolotherapy or proliferative injections.  This non-surgical procedure is used on chronic tendon and ligament injuries, spinal pain, as well as pelvic and joint pain.  Typically, two to six sessions are required to complete the treatment, each involving an injection into ligaments, joint capsules and tendons, with the goal of stimulating an inflammatory response.  In essence, where healing has been interrupted, prolotherapy attempts to provide a biological weld using the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Many patients benefit from prolotherapy, and Dr. Kafrouni typically uses this technique on patients who have had spinal or joint pain for at least three to six months, have failed a course of physical therapy, or failed surgery, do not smoke, and are not immunosupressed.  Small tendon or ligament tears may also respond to prolotherapy, as will occasionally mild to moderate arthritis. The most common conditions treated are tennis and golf elbow, and, depending on the diagnosis, Sacroiliac pain or “sciatica”, neck pain due to whiplash as well as knee, ankle, and shoulder pain.

Dr. Kafrouni is actively involved with the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine (AAOM) in promoting and researching prolotherapy.  Last year, he traveled to Mexico with AAOM to give injections and continue training, and will go to Peru in summer 2011 to continue this work.

Dr. Kafrouni joins Jerod Cottrill, D.O. and Matt Gambee, M.D. to round out Rebound’s physiatry practice.  “I see an opportunity to build a world class physiatry practice with Drs. Cottrill and Gambee and offer patients and athletes the entire spectrum of care that emphasizes empowering patients by putting them in control of their healing process,”  says Dr. Kafrouni about his new partners. “I’m excited to work with the excellent surgeons in the practice, to help be part of and expand the extraordinary care that Rebound offers.”

Prior to joining Rebound, Dr. Kafrouni spent eight years at Rehabilitation Medicine Associates in Portland.  He will see patients at Rebound’s Rose Quarter office, Southwest Washington Medical Center, and Legacy Salmon Creek.