Neurosurgery Awareness Month: Surgeon Spotlight

August is Neurosurgery Awareness Month! Each year in August, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) focuses on the causes and prevention of traumatic brain injury, back pain, injury prevention, and other neurological safety topics. This year, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons is focusing on the neurosurgeons themselves.

At Rebound, we are proud to celebrate the dedication, skill, and work of our brain and spine neurosurgery team. Rebound is home to a group of fellowship-trained neurosurgeons who are equipped with the latest technologies to treat conditions that affect the brain and spine. From minimally invasive procedures and stereotactic radiosurgery to treat tumors to trauma care and stroke management, our multidisciplinary team offers a variety of procedures to improve your quality of life.

Meet Our Neurosurgeons

Find out where they completed their training, their specialties, and fun personal facts! Scroll to get more information on brain and spine topics and tips from our team.

Hoang N. Le, M.D.

  • Education and Training: M.D. – University of Rochester; Internship – University of Chicago; Residency – University of Chicago; Fellowship – Stanford University
  • Expertise: Spinal and cranial surgeries, minimally invasive and complex reconstructive spinal and peripheral nerve surgery
  • Fun Fact: Dr. Le has four children and is a major outdoor activities enthusiast!

Ashok Modha, M.D., FRCSC

  • Education and Training: M.D. – University of Manitoba; Internships – University of Ottawa/Ottawa Hospital and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada; Residency – University of Ottawa; Fellowship – Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Expertise: Neuro-oncological neurosurgery

Wael Y. Musleh, M.D. Ph.D.

  • Education and Training: M.S. – University of Southern California; Ph.D. – University of Southern California; M.D. – Saint Louis University; Residency – University of Chicago Hospitals; Fellowship – Ohio State University
  • Expertise: Minimally invasive spine surgery treatment of spinal disorders and tumors, cranial pathology
  • Fun Fact: Dr. Musleh enjoys a diverse collection of hobbies including soccer, racquetball, and chess. He even plays guitar and loves theater!

Andrew Nemecek, M.D.

  • Education and Training: M.D. – Case Western Reserve University; Internship – University of Washington; Residency – University of Washington; Fellow – AANS
  • Expertise: Surgical treatment of complex spinal disorders such as scoliosis, tumors, trauma, herniated discs, and lumbar stenosis
  • Fun Fact: When Dr. Nemecek isn’t treating patients, he’s an avid cyclist who and enjoys spending time with his family.

George B. Shanno, M.D.

  • Education and Training: M.D. – Vanderbilt University; Internship – Thomas Jefferson University; Residency – Thomas Jefferson University; Fellowship – Thomas Jefferson University
  • Expertise: Endovascular and cerebrovascular neurosurgery
  • Fun Fact: Dr. Shanno is our resident green thumb - he enjoys gardening in his free time, in addition to traveling and outdoor activities!

Neurosurgery Topics and Tips from Our Docs:

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