Rebound Throwing Program – Preventing Injuries in Young Athletes

Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers have developed a preventative throwing program in response to the growing number of overuse injuries in young baseball and softball players.

The Rebound Throwing Program consists of in-clinic sessions focused on proper stretches, warm-up and strengthening exercises, and throwing drills. Throwing sessions are done in our indoor Sports Performance Lab, equipped with turf and an indoor mound. Our patients are evaluated by Rebound physical therapists and athletic trainers to determine the athlete’s areas of weakness in mechanics, strength, and range of motion of the throwing shoulder and elbow complex. An individualized strength and stability program is designed for each athlete, targeting improvement in throwing efficiency. The athlete will learn how to utilize their whole body to protect their shoulder and elbow, versus throwing “all arm,” which can lead to overuse-type injuries. The athlete’s throwing motion is videotaped and reviewed, targeting specific mechanics with research-based evidence. The overhead throwing athlete will come away from the Throwing Program knowing proper warm-up drills, stretches, strengthening exercises, and throwing mechanics specific to his or her needs.

Rebound Physical Therapy uses Dartfish, a unique software system, to help analyze throwing motion on flat ground and off a mound. This state-of-the-art program helps us to correct issues with mechanics, including elbow height, stride length, and range of motion.

For more information on Rebound Physical Therapy’s Throwing Program, please contact us at (360) 449-8700.