Relief for Your Feet

When it comes to your feet, forget the adage, “no pain, no gain.” While you might be able to run or walk through some body aches, an injured foot can ruin even the most leisurely of activities. Our feet are our foundation and even though they are tough enough to withstand two to three times a person’s healthy body weight, when they are overworked or neglected, they don’t let us forget it. Summer often brings an increase in injuries and we’d like to offer some general guidance to help you care for your feet so you can make the most of the season!

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Feet need attention. Your best bet for avoiding foot pain is to actively take precautions before it starts. Follow these basic tips to maintain healthy feet:

  • Wear properly fitted and comfortable shoes.
  • Lose weight if you need to.
  • Regularly take foot baths. These will not only help relieve aching pain, but will also increase circulation.
  • Use a shoe insert (orthosis) as a kind of shock absorber.
  • Keep feet dry to avoid friction. This may help prevent corns and calluses.

Time for a Second Opinion

Pain caused by overuse develops gradually and sometimes can be managed on your own. However, some injuries require further attention and you may need an appointment with one of our foot/ankle specialists if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Swelling lasting longer than three days
  • Ankle swelling, stiffness and pain that are worse in the morning or after activity
  • You have burning, numbness, or tingling in your feet
  • For acute injuries contact your emergency department if you are unable to walk, or if you cut your foot and can see exposed tendons and/or bones.

Fit Feet

Help your tired feet become happy feet. Like the rest of your body, feet need exercise to stay in great shape. Our physical therapists have suggested several exercises to help chase away pain and invigorate tired feet.