As the premier orthopedic and neurosurgical providers for Vancouver, Portland, Lake Oswego, and the surrounding areas for over 50 years, Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery offers exceptional regenerative medicine from our board-certified physiatry and reparative therapy physicians so you can rebound.

When the soft tissues are injured, the body attempts to heal the tissues through its own repair mechanisms. However, the body is sometimes unable to heal adequately or even at all. This may lead to ongoing pain, weakness, disability, or swelling.

In the regenerative medicine sciences, we attempt to augment the natural healing process to heal or even grow back the damaged tissue. Also known as orthobiologics and reparative therapy, regenerative medicine involves the use of concentrated dextrose or the body's own cells, including stem cells, blood cells, bone marrow, and adipose tissue as well as other natural materials. Regenerative injection therapies take place in a clinical setting using one or more injections to stimulate natural healing and regrowth to alleviate pain and regenerate different tissues and organs.

We have remained at the forefront of providing regenerative medicine services since 2007. These services may be beneficial for many orthopedic injuries and conditions, including the following:

  • Arthritis and degenerative disease of the knee, hip, shoulder, or ankle
  • Articular cartilage injuries and defects
  • Ligament injuries, such as ACL sprains, UCL tears, and MCL tears
  • Meniscal tears and labral tears
  • Muscle injuries, including strains and tears
  • Recovery after surgery or multiple surgeries
  • Tendinopathies and tendon tears, including the rotator cuff, patellar tendon, Achilles tendon, golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis), and tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

Procedures and Treatments Our Regenerative and Reparative Therapy Experts Perform Include:

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy – Blood platelets play a major role in the body's healing protocol for damage to the soft tissues. PRP therapy harnesses the power of platelet-rich blood components to help you heal from certain orthopedic injuries and conditions.
  • Prolotherapy – Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment used to treat chronic ligament and tendon injuries and weakness. Through an injection, a proliferant agent stimulates stronger tissues to grow. As the strength in the tendons and ligaments grows, they become less inflamed, regain proper function, and the pain is alleviated.
  • Lipogems® – Using a patient's own adipose tissue, commonly known as fat, Lipogems is a minor procedure that engages the natural reparative characteristics found in fat that can produce a targeted healing effect on some tissue damage.

Our regenerative medicine specialists understand that pain and injury can keep you from living the life you love. To discuss your options, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists by calling 1-800-REBOUND or requesting an appointment online. Our regenerative medicine experts are available at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, Rose Quarter, and Lake Oswego at Kruse Village.

The Region's Most Preferred Regenerative Medicine Care in Vancouver, Portland & Lake Oswego

At Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery, our doctors and staff put patients first and are dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care. As the region's most preferred orthopedic practice, we are proud to be the official sports medicine providers for the Portland Trail Blazers and continuously strive for excellence.

With extensive experience using regenerative therapies such as stem cell injections, PRP injections, and prolotherapy, our board-certified physiatrists, Jerod A. Cottrill, D.O., John P. Kafrouni, M.D., as well as our board-certified family and sports medicine doctor, Karl N. Kaluza, D.O., have the skill and expertise to treat a wide variety of conditions. 

If you're ready to discuss treatment options in reparative medicine and orthobiologics with one of our regenerative medicine doctors, visit us in Vancouver at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center as well as in Portland at Rose Quarter and in Lake Oswego. Please request an appointment online or call 1-800-REBOUND.

Please Note: Some regenerative medicine treatments are not covered by insurance carriers and may be considered a self-pay service for which you are financially responsible. Please consult with your doctor, a staff member, or your insurance carrier for specific details.