A bunion is a condition that involves painful prominence of the great toe. It comes from a French term meaning “bump” and can describe more than one medical diagnosis that affects the great toe. Generally, it is associated with a condition named hallux valgus—hallux referring to the great toe, and valgus describing the position of the toe. 

Hallux valgus is a disorder that oftentimes has a genetic component and tends to affect females to a much greater degree than males. Most agree that while tight-fitting shoe wear can worsen the symptoms of the disorder, it is not generally the cause. It presents as a painful bump over the great toe and can result in the great toe pointing at the other toes and sometimes impacting or drifting under the second toe. Another condition—hallux rigidus—also presents with pain and swelling in the great toe, but it has a different cause.

Treatment for hallux valgus generally involves appropriate fitting shoe wear with a wide toe box and avoiding heels. Materials such as leather or mesh that conform to the foot are preferable to a synthetic material that will not stretch. Surgical correction can be considered for constant pain that does not resolve with shoe wear changes. There are multiple surgical options available that often involve re-positioning the great toe.

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