Hallux Rigidus

The condition called hallux rigidus presents with pain and swelling in the great toe but has a different cause than bunions, or hallux valgus. Hallux rigidus is an arthritic condition that can be caused by an injury, but most often, is due to years of repetitive use. 

Appropriate shoe wear is often the treatment of choice for this disorder and involves wide-toe box shoes that also conform to the foot. Stiffer soled shoes can also be helpful as they limit the painful toe motion as can shoe inserts. Anti-inflammatory medication (i.e., ibuprofen or naproxen) can help with symptoms while steroid injections can provide temporary relief. 

For pain unrelieved by these conservative treatments, surgery is an option. The particular procedure depends upon the severity of the arthritis and can involve removing bone spurs, partially resurfacing the joint, or fusing the joint together.

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