Adipose tissue, or fat, contains a network of cells that work to repair and heal damage. These reparative cells can also produce growth and healing factors that can help reduce inflammation and preserve the life and structure of other cells. In our clinic, we use the patient’s own adipose tissue and use it to repair, replace, or reconstruct damaged or injured tissue through the Lipogems therapeutic procedure.

Liopgems involves the use of a minimally invasive procedure to harvest a patient’s own powerful fat. Then, an injection will be performed with a concentration of this same tissue. The clusters of adipose tissues and the intact reparative cells then work to support the healing of damaged tissues to help various orthopedic issues.

What to Expect Before and After Your Procedure

In a minimally invasive and immediate procedure, your doctor will make a tiny puncture through your skin and collect a small amount of fat from either your midsection, “love handles,” or buttock.

Next, your collected fat will be processed in the unique Lipogems device using only sterile saline solution to wash away any impurities.

During this process, your fat is washed, rinsed, and resized into smaller clusters while keeping the natural beneficial properties of your fat.

Since the Lipogems process micro-fragments your fat, the size of Lipogems tissue is ideal to facilitate healing in the treatment site.

Your doctor will then use a small needle to inject the Lipogems tissue into the treatment site.

The minimally invasive procedure can be performed in less than an hour in your doctor’s office or in a surgical setting.

The recovery process varies for each patient. Your doctor will determine the best treatment option for you. Your doctor will help determine what activities you can perform and put you on an appropriate treatment plan. Patients should not engage in strenuous activity for at least 1 – 2 weeks following the procedure if the Lipogems procedure is stand-alone.

You will need to follow postoperative instructions if this is performed with your surgical operation. You may experience mild to moderate swelling, inflammation, or bruising at the injection site and/or site of the fat collection area for a few days following the procedure.

As with all procedures, the individual results may vary. The lifetime of any procedure is limited and depends on several factors, like patient weight and activity level. Your doctor will counsel you about strategies for your post-procedural care. It is important to closely follow your doctor’s instructions regarding post-procedure activity, treatment, and follow-up care.

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Please Note: Some regenerative medicine treatments are not covered by insurance carriers and may be considered a self-pay service for which you are financially responsible. Please consult with your doctor, a staff member, or your insurance carrier for specific details.