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I was All League outside line backer for Skyview high school 2011-2014, in my last regular season game of my senior year before we went to the state quarter finals I blew out my knee. My MCL, PCL, and posterio corner of my meniscus had to be reconstructed. Not only was this a blow physically, but mentally as well. I went from thinking I was invincible to not being able to do what I loved, playing football or any sports for that matter. I saw a different Doctor in Texas at first who at the time I thought was amazing. He was the U.S ski team's surgeon, so I was ecstatic I had the opportunity to go to him. I was very wrong. My knee was in constant pain after the surgery for an entire year. Constantly grinding and popping every step I took. My motivation was at an all time low. When I moved back to Vancouver, Washington I met up with doctor Ellis and He went in and made my knee feel practically good as new. My biggest regret was not going to Dr. Ellis in the first place. It is amazing what the man can do. He fixed my knee, which in turn has given me new opportunities in life, and has increased my quality of life ten fold. I would recommend him to anyone with any knee or shoulder issues as he is extremely well-versed in both practices. I am proud to announce I will be playing football at MT. San Antonio Junior College this fall and it is 100% because of Dr. Ellis. Very excited to show him my progress in the future! Thank You again!!

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Evan D. Ellis, M.D.
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