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I had a ruptured disc at C6-C7 due to a bone spur from advanced Osteoarthritis that was compressing my spinal cord causing severe nerve pain going down my neck, both arms, shoulder blades, & jaw. If I could rate Dr. Nemececk & Jason Graeme, PA with above and beyond excellent, I would. I was in excruciating pain for 7 months being put through physical therapy, acupuncture, & epidural injections because the entire time I had to fight my insurance company. I'm fortunate to not have been paralyzed & that's because once I was seen by Dr. Nemececk, he immediately scheduled surgery. I had no pain for the first 10 days then it came back because the spinal cord had been compressed for so long it would take time to heal. Dr. Nemececk & Jason were right. It has now been 4 months since surgery & I have no nerve pain! I can't thank Dr. Nemececk, Jason, Christy, Diana & the entire Rebound staff enough for giving me my life back. I've never experienced such horrific pain in my life, but they fixed it and I feel so much better. Currently, I'm recovering from a total knee replacement, which was a cake walk compared to the nerve pain. I'm 43 years old & determined to beat this Osteoarthritis one body part at a time. If you're considering surgery, listen to the doctors at Rebound and have patience and determination to get through it. You'll be glad you did. You're in good hands with the best Neuro surgeon if you are fortunate enough to have Dr. Nemececk. Thank you!


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Andrew Nemecek, M.D.
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