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In the fall of 2004, I went to Hawaii to enjoy 2 weeks of time with family on the Big Island. I Unfortunately fell in one of their warm ponds and broke my right ankle. Not only was my right ankle broken but as time went on, the left side of my body began to compensate and get weak, my left knee eventually gave out. Dr. DeSilva was following me with this intense pain, with injections and therapy. We all did the best we could until we had to make the decision that my knee needed to be replaced. I had my knee replaced in April of 2014 with Dr. DeSilva. I cannot begin to say how much my new knee gave me a bit more freedom with pain free activities. Even though I'm still waiting to receive my new ankle. The patience from the staff, the consideration, careful planning and aftercare from Dr. DeSilva was absolutely outstanding. I would refer all my friends to him and the staff there at Rebound. Even though I am still waiting another major surgery on my ankle in April, I am actually happy and anticipating getting my new lease on life. Even though these are major surgeries the staff and physicians at Rebound have made this an exciting time in my life. I look forward to the new me.

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Jerome J. DaSilva, M.D., F.R.C.S.C.
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