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I didn't wear my knee out by being a couch potato; I wore it out by running, skiing, hiking, water skiing, golf, horse back riding and my greatest fear before coming into this surgery was that I might not be able to do these things again. I heard about Dr. Roberts at lunch while skiing with friends at Mt Hood Meadows and during our conversation they told me about this great Doc that worked on the Portland Trail Blazers fixing up their injuries and I decided he was the man that could help me. The old bowed out leg that hurt is now straight as an arrow; nine months later I was skiing Mt Hood Meadows on the weekly ski bus and am so happy when I aggressively walk the trails, golf and work out five days a week. I am getting ready to go to a "Boot Camp" at my gym and never think I have a knee replacement unless it is to brag about my doctor and the successful surgery outcome. I did the follow up exercises faithfully and went to Rebound where Mike pushed me into a great rehab routine. I am looking at having the second knee done this next March after ski season and know Dr. Roberts will take good care of me and my knee.

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Donald W. Roberts, M.D.
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