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A Matching Pair of Knees!

In June 2010, it was decision time. I had been waiting for 10 years for a new knee. My visit was for my final cortizone shot. Surgery could have been scheduled before the month was out, but I told my Dr. that I needed to go home and "chew on the idea for awhile." The thought of six to nine months of recoup time, and all that plastic in me for a new knee - just didn't seem like the best thing I had been waiting so long for.

Much to my surprise, the very next night after receiving that last shot, there was a segment on King 5 News, about Dr.Borus and knee replacement surgery. The surgery showed great promise of getting me back on my feet quickly, with about six weeks of physical therapy.

I researched the Makoplasty procedure and Dr.Borus. I called my insurance at least four times to be sure it was covered - and it was. The trip to Vancouver, WA takes about 3 1/2 hours from the little town I live in just north of Bremerton, WA. At my consultation, Dr. Borus assured me that I was going to go from "as bad as it gets- to as good as it gets." That is exactly what happened.

Ten days after my surgery, at my follow-up visit, I was off my pain meds and NO walker and NO cane. After the first year visit, I had done so well that I didn't need to come back for two years. By then it was September 2013, and I had just lost my husband in July 2013. That meant, I needed to wait until summer of 2014, after school let out, to have my daughter accompany me for the surgery and visits.

In August 2014, I had my left knee replaced with Dr.Borus. This time, I was off the pain meds, NO walker or cane in 8 days. Everyone is different, but I can assure you that the healing time of this procedure is nothing short of a miracle.

Dr. Borus and his team, as well as, the exceptional care you receive at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital, is the best you can hope for, anywhere. I now have a matching pair of new knees. The entire experience has been well worth going the extra miles, not once-but twice. Hands down, it has been among the best decisions I have ever made, and that truly is "as good as it gets."

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Todd A. Borus, M.D.
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