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This testimonial is taken from an email sent to Dr. Todd Borus eight months after the patient's MAKOplasty partial knee resurfacing procedure.

Hi Dr. Borus, These pictures show the raison d'etre for my wonderful new knees. I just got back on Sunday from backpacking for 6 days and 62 miles on the w. side of the Wonderland Trail on Mt. Rainier, with over 16,000′ of climbing (and more importantly, descending!). My knees worked GREAT! It was exactly where I wanted to be, high in the alpine meadows with massive, majestic Mt. Rainier alongside all the way.The morning after I returned I got up at 5 am and swam 1.1 miles across the Columbia River in the Labor Day Cross the Columbia swim in Hood River. Oh yes, and I just bought a stand up paddleboard after having started that this summer. I got a racing board just in case I decide to compete…

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

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Todd A. Borus, M.D.
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