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On Christmas Day 2013, I was doing dishes. Put the LAST dish away and it shattered in my hand! Long story short, I cut my thumb deeply. Ended up severing the nerve! We don't realize who much we USE that thumb until we CAN'T! Pressure, feeling...gone.

Thanks to Dr. Jacobs and his fine skills, sewed my nerves back together! (didn't know you could do that!?) It took several months for growth and feeling to begin coming back, but I now have feeling back in my thumb, I have pressure sensitivity and the most important...I can FUNCTION! It's not perfect, but at least I can button my pants, pick up a cup, tell if it is being burned by something HOT, etc. Not to mention, I'm a pianist, biker, teacher, dirt bike rider...all of which are pretty tough to do without the use of a thumb. (dumb) I think over time it will still continue to improve.

I'm so grateful to have the use of all FIVE of my digits back! THANKS!

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Benjamin Jacobs, M.D.
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