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Initially, Dr. Crary had to visit me! I was brought to Peace Health Southwest by ambulance, having been involved in a head-on collision not far from my home. I can't remember much in the beginning; I sustained a TBI and stayed in a coma for a couple weeks. The story, so they tell me, was that I had sustained injuries in various areas of my body, the most critical being my brain injury, and then massive damage to my right foot and ankle. The option was to amputate. By some huge miracle, Dr. Crary attended the (ankle) injury and believed that it could be corrected with surgery rather than amputation. He operated in a fashion which looked much like piecing together a puzzle, judging by the many (MANY) x-rays taken from that point on.

Dr. Crary continued to see me during my stay, and then long after for subsequent corrective surgeries, and then throughout months and months of physical therapy. No one was really sure how this situation would pan out; I think the hope was that the damage could be corrected with the closest resemblance possible to my foot before the accident.

With each surgery, my ankle and foot decided it wanted to be back to normal. By the final surgery, it was a new ankle, but one which functioned with more and more ease. With each visit to Dr. Crary, and each visit to Lisa Seitz (my physical therapist,) I re-learned how to walk properly to the point where those who know me continue to point out that the limp has all but disappeared. I couldn't have gotten better care if I had asked. The Lord was with me that day, and blessed me with excellent doctors and excellent therapists, and a seeminly impossible chance to heal.

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Jay L. Crary, M.D.
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