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I have seen both Dr. Ellis for knee issues and Dr. Crary for foot/bunion pain - I initially saw Dr. Crary back in 2011 - he was the SEVENTH opinion I got for what seemed like impending bunion surgery - every other Dr. I went to seemed to want to cut into my feet, break bones and insert screws (even though no pain). Not only does Rebound have the most state of the art equipment of any the offices I had visited, Dr. Crary was not quick to say this was the only option - as a matter of fact he told me that unless things were painful it was not appropriate to operate. His analysis was thorough and I felt that he had reasonable evidence with the more current equipment to make a statement that made sense, contrary to others. I really felt like he was a straight shooter and gave me the treatment plans best for me, not for the Rebound Office bottom line.

I recently had to go in to see Dr. Ellis for knee issues and again Dr. Crary for some additional foot issues -here it is four years later an both Drs. seem to know more than most I have experienced. Both Drs. I believe have either played basketball or another sport so I feel like they can relate and empathize with my issues. In addition, the physical therapy unit is right there at the offices, which tells me there is added synergy among the staff to ensure the best care for patients - I was impressed! I feel like I am in the best of hands with the best equipment for analysis and the best doctors - I couldn't ask for a better team to help manage my mobility issues (and with honest answers)- I am thankful to have them as a resource and would highly recommend to anyone.

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Evan D. Ellis, M.D.
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