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I'm 73 . In 2003 I saw Dr. Hayes about an extreme calcium deposit on my right knee and Dr. Hayes removed it with a day surgery . He told me that I would need a replacement in the near future .He also recommend Bariatric Surgery for my morbid obesity. I lost 140 pounds and the knee lasted until the fall of 2011. I received my second knee in Oct 2914. Dr. Hayes had retired and referred me to Dr. Roberts. I honestly don't think that you could receive better care anywhere in the nation. I did not know much about Dr. Roberts before I have my first operation. I then researched him and discovered his outstanding record. If you need a knee, I totally recommend Rebound.

I knew that physical therapy was EXTREMELY important for me to regain movement and flexibility in my knee. I requested Mike Baer who I had met back in 2003 with the removal of the calcium deposits. I told him to PUSH me so I would get the most from my new knees. He did.

My wife and I have joined a coached exercise program to help keep us in good health. We are both seeing good results. So I now tell people that I have a pair a 20 year old's knees in a 73 year old body.

My last thought is if you have real pain in your knees and have been told that you will need a joint replacement in your near fixture don't put it off. Do it you will be amazed at the results. I have absolutely no pain anymore- I can pretty much do whatever I want to. I like the outdoors and I fish, hunt, and go on hikes. The new knees have given me a new lease on life. The knees along with the extreme weight loss are the reason.

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Donald W. Roberts, M.D.
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