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After some discussion, Dr. Borus agreed that I was a good candidate for Bi-Lateral Total Knee Replacements, and I had them done in June of 2008. Within 8 weeks I was back in my dog agility class and by 11 weeks I could walk 5 miles. I was very dedicated to the PT, which is one reason Dr. Borus was willing to do both knees at the same time. He's an excellent surgeon and I received excellent care at SW Medical Center. Since then my brother-in-law, my mother and a few friends have had Dr. Borus do their knee replacements and we all agree that he's the best! I'm almost seven years post surgery and I'm hiking, showing my dogs in agility and other sports and more active than I was before I had my knees replaced. I have no regrets!

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Todd A. Borus, M.D.
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