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It was a year in November 2015 that I am still cancer free!! Dr. Modha and his crew were amazing! Very scary and unexpected time for me and my family when I found out I had a brain tumor. I had been having many bad headaches, and was starting to get nauseus & dizzy. After trying a couple different medications that did not help, I asked to get an MRI, and that is when they saw it instantly. My wife and I met with Dr. Modha and he wasted no time in getting me in to surgery, and he made me and my family feel very confident that everything was going to be okay. He is an amazing doctor, and I would recommend him to anybody that was going through what I went through. Thankful to be alive and cancer free all because of him!!!

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Ashok Modha, M.D., F.R.C.S.C.
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