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In 2014 I was diagnosed with a large benign brain tumor. I was referred to Dr. Modha at Rebound by another neurologist who called Dr. Modha's office during my appointment with the first doctor. By the time I got to my house Dr. Modha's office had called my house and left a message to call in the morning. I called first thing and they made appointment that day I was in Dr. Modha's office making an appointment for brain surgery within several weeks. Wow it was incredible to receive such quality care so quickly. I am very grateful.

The surgery went very well. I was given excellent care by the staff. The doctor came to check on me himself during my 7 day stay. The hospital and clinic are very organized and carefully explained the recovery process and expectations I am so thankful for the experience I had. I have not been hospitalized since having children 25 years ago. I would chose this facility in the future if needed. Thank you to Dr. Modha and all the staff.

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Ashok Modha, M.D., F.R.C.S.C.
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