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I cut two of my fingers while working on a milling machine. I severed a nerve on my middle finger and a flexor tendon on my ring finger of my right hand. I worked in Portland and was taken to Emmanuel Hospital ER for my original care on December 16th 2015. I live in Camas so I naturally wanted to use local physicians for my care. Being the holidays Rebound was short staffed but Dr. Coale agreed to see me. He arranged for surgery immediately and after 4 long hours repaired my fingers.

After 6 long months and physical therapy I have use of my hand and am very thankful for all that Dr. Coale did for me. He is not only an excellent doctor but he has a very good ability to explain injury and recovery in terms the patient can relate to. I would totally recommend Dr. Coale to anyone needing a hand specialist. Rene, his medical assistant is wonderful too. Thank you Dr. Coale for putting me back together again.

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Edward H. Coale, Jr., M.D.
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