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I can't say enough about Dr. Roberts and his team. I had 2 bad knees for many years but couldn't be "the patient" as I was taking care of my ailing mother and husband. I'm a tennis player and the pain was keeping me off the court. I couldn't travel, or even shop with girlfriends . I found being on my feet for any amount of time to be problematic. As soon as I was able, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Roberts who immediately inspired confidence. "Let's get you back on the tennis courts and out of pain" was basically his approach. I wasn't going to argue with that!! I had double knee replacement December of 2014 and was back on the courts in a few months. I live alone and all of my fears about doing this surgery were addressed by Dr. Roberts and everything he told me was spot on. My tennis team brought me dinners, I got rides to physical therapy for 3 weeks, but I managed quite well. What capable and confident hands I was in!! I had everything I needed. Great bedside manner, a caring and responsive staff, surgeon extraordinaire, what more could you ask for? I would do it again in a heartbeat. One surgery, one recovery, 2 new knees, ready for tennis and travel!! If you are thinking about doing both at the same time, don't hesitate with this capable, experienced ream. They are fabulous!

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Donald W. Roberts, M.D.
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