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It all started out by me tearing my meniscus in my left knee-while doing NOTHING mind you, except taking about five steps, and SNAP! Down I went, in very bad pain. I went to a local orthopedic and was told I tore my meniscus and recommended surgery to repair it. Four months later, they did the surgery. Unfortunately, it never got better, only WORSE. I put up with it for over TWO years until the pain got so bad, I couldn't stand it any longer. I got three different orthopedic surgeons opinions, all different, and because of his great record, went with Dr. Roberts at the Rebound Clinic. He is my absolute HERO, and I told him so, more than once! It's been less than 5 months, and I am almost totally pain free-and NO MORE LIMPING!!! He's a miracle worker and I can't say enough good things about his professionalism, expertise and genuine caring about his patients. The same goes for his entire staff, especially his assistant, Kyle. The hospital at Legacy Salmon Creek is also top notch! Thank you Dr. Roberts and your Team for giving me my life back! I would and HAVE recommended Dr. Roberts to anyone who needs an orthopedic surgeon-especially knee surgery!

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Donald W. Roberts, M.D.
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