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I had a total knee replacement just over a year ago. Dr. Southerland and his PA, Joel Phillips, were wonderful. Shortly after surgery I had 120 degrees of flexion. Despite going to PT and being dedicated in rehab at home, my flexion suddenly became only 70. I was quickly scheduled for manipulation surgery with Dr. Southerland and have maintained a decent range of motion. At three months I was SUPing, playing tennis and even windsurfed again. It is amazing to me that I can be so active and not experience pain! At 40 I had ACL reconstruction and four subsequent surgeries. For 28 years I put up with my knee always aching after playing tennis and windsurfing. What a joy it is to enjoy being active and not have to be in pain!!!

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Stephen R. Southerland, M.D., F.R.C.S.C.
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