Healthy Tips for Preventing Common Causes of Pain

At Rebound Orthopedics & Neurosurgery, we’re committed to your bone, joint, and muscle health. You can count on our compassionate team to help you learn ways to prevent pain and dysfunction. Here are our team’s best tips on identifying and preventing pain from your feet all the way to your neck and shoulders.

Healthy Tips for Preventing Common Causes of Pain

Heel Health

Our feet endure a lot of stress, and when we don’t provide them with ample support, are highly active, or have an unusually high arch or lack of, the common condition called plantar fasciitis may develop. Rebound foot expert and physical therapist, Lisa Seitz, explains the symptoms of one of the most common causes of heel pain and how to manage it here.

Knee Health

When it comes to knee pain, exercise may be able to help. Michael Baer, one of our physical therapists with more than 17 years of experience, helps patients learn strengthening techniques to relieve pressure and tension in the knee. Check out his five quick exercise tips for knee pain here.

Spine Health

Spinal pain can be a deterrent from even the simplest of daily activities- it may be keeping you from quality sleep, from social outings, fitness and much more. Luckily, staying mobile may be able to help. Rebound physiatrist, Dr. John Kafrouni, explains how exercise can help rehabilitate your spine in this post.

Low Back Health

If you’re living with low back pain, or even the occasional flare-up, certain risk factors may be playing a role. Learn what risk factors are modifiable and how you can make healthy changes to avoid low back pain in the future here.

Wrist Health

Whether it’s the result of a repetitive use or arthritis, wrist pain can make simple activities like typing or carrying groceries difficult. Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, cysts and injuries are often the culprits of wrist pain. Get to know the symptoms.

Elbow Health

Swollen, painful elbow? You may very well be experiencing the symptoms of elbow bursitis, a common cause of elbow pain. In this post, our team gives the scoop on the causes, symptoms and treatment of elbow bursitis.

Shoulder Health

Our shoulders are comprised of several muscles and tendons, making them susceptible to strain and injury. Certain exercises can help alleviate pain and strengthen the shoulders. Rebound physical therapist, Helen McDevitt, is dedicated to helping patients overcome their shoulder pain and offers tips here.

Neck Health

Neck pain can come in many forms. Whether it’s simply stiffness from working extended hours at a computer, strain from your sleeping position or discomfort from an injury, neck pain can keep you from activities you enjoy and make daily life challenging. These tips will help you prevent common types of neck pain.

Know the Difference Between Soreness and Pain

While a little discomfort and soreness after exercise and activity can be normal, if it persists, it may be something more serious. Follow our tips on determining the difference between soreness and pain, how to stay ahead of soreness, ways to relieve pain, and when you should visit a physician or physical therapist.