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    Hip replacement done by Dr. Sparling. Did such a good job on my right hip going in to have the left done. The whole surgical experience was pleasant due to his great staff. Nurses, reception and hospital went beyond the customary service. Comforting to know you are in such professional and caring hands.

    – Mary K.

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    I had two bad knees and Dr. Roberts replaced first the right knee, then years later the left knee. He is the best!!! Surgeries went well, the physical therapy was fantastic. Then a few years later Dr. Sparling replaced my hips six months apart and I had no trouble at all. Didn't need any physical therapy. Both of the doctors are excellent! I would recommend them to anyone!

    – Judy F.

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    Dr. Sparling replaced my left hip in Feb. 2014 and gave me my life back. I had struggled from 2011-2014 with a hip that was so bad that I was immobilized. Within a month after surgery I was able to get around almost as well as before my problem began.

    Feb. 2016 I was able to go to Disneyland with my family and walked all over both parks for 5 days. Made my life complete. Thank you Dr. Sparling.

    – Donna C.

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    Dr. Southerland and his PA Joel Phillips were fantastic. In fact, the whole Rebound Team is fantastic for many reasons. The most amazing thing is that I was pain free from the minute I woke up from double hip replacement surgery! No arthritic pain, but not even incision pain. After 3 months of recovery, I was in the gym doing yoga, stationary bike, elliptical machine and walking up and down the gym's two-story stairs. And I suspect that I will be back on the squash court in another 2 months.

    The whole Rebound experience is great. First, the Team educates you before and after surgery so that you know what to expect and how to make a speedy recovery. Second, Dr. Southerland and his PA Joel are highly skilled and compassionate. They answered all of our many questions before and after the surgery. They performed the surgery (both hips) in less than 2.5 hours leaving only two 5-inch scars. Third, I had great nursing care and physical therapy while in the hospital ... yes, you start walking right after the surgery. And fourth, I had great physical therapy from Mike Colby at Rebound for two months. His weekly evaluations and advice on movement allowed me to progress through ever more demanding physical tasks at just the right pace for a quick recovery.

    It's the whole Rebound organization that makes the orthopedic experience wonderful and takes much of the anxiety out of having major surgery. I can't say enough good things about the core people involved in my care: Dr. Southerland, Joel Phillips (PA) and Mike Colby (PT).

    – Ken W.

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    I had a total knee replacement just over a year ago. Dr. Southerland and his PA, Joel Phillips, were wonderful. Shortly after surgery I had 120 degrees of flexion. Despite going to PT and being dedicated in rehab at home, my flexion suddenly became only 70. I was quickly scheduled for manipulation surgery with Dr. Southerland and have maintained a decent range of motion. At three months I was SUPing, playing tennis and even windsurfed again. It is amazing to me that I can be so active and not experience pain! At 40 I had ACL reconstruction and four subsequent surgeries. For 28 years I put up with my knee always aching after playing tennis and windsurfing. What a joy it is to enjoy being active and not have to be in pain!!!

    – Holly S.

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    I saw Dr. Southerland in February of 2015. I had had severe hip pain for the prior year. I had had multiple bilaterial knee surgeries over the prior 20 years. Dr. Southerland replaced both my hips and both my knees starting in April and ending in December. All four joints replaced in eight months. My world changed. I recently hiked three different falls on the big Island of Hawaii, yesterday I did 9000 steps on the stair master at the gym. Prior to my surgeries, I could barely walk to the bathroom. Dr. Southerland is so wonderful and I am so grateful that he took me on as a patient. I have had four prior orthopedic surgeons, without doubt Dr. Southerland is the best! Thank you Dr. Southerland.... you ROCK!

    – Catherine R.

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    I have worked with these doctors and they are caring and professional. I like Dr. Southerland the best because he is not only a great ortho doctor but he is approachable and easy to work with.

    – Monte P.

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    I choose Rebound to help me with a recurring pain in my right ankle. After examination it was diagnosed to be a few bone spurs on the end of my tibia and one large one on the back side of my talus bone. Enter Dr. Rust, whom from first meeting through post surgery earned my confidence and respect as a surgeon and a man. Under Dr Rust’s care I witnessed his acute dedication to thoroughness, and professionalism that would rival any. He is a credit to his trade, Rebound and our community.

    – Sean M.

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    I came to see Dr. Rust because I'd been having terrible pain my feet. Dr. Rust was very thorough and knowledgeable. He quickly zeroed in on what my issues are. He has a great bedside-manner, easily switching from a doctor's customary terms to laymen's terms. He very easily explained to me what was going on and gave sound medical advice on how to deal with it - without surgery. I generally dislike doctors and experience has shown that it is not easy for them to earn my trust. Dr. Rust, however, won me over quickly with how personable and attentive he is. I would recommend him to anyone.

    – Tami B.

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    Dr. Rust is a credit to his trade. I have been in good hands throughout the last year of his care. He's very personable and informative. Great stafff as well. I am really grateful to have come here.

    – Shannon L.