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    On 10/10/2014 I awoke with bad left arm pain, it continued to get worse over the next week. I started visiting my GP and each time came away with a different or no diagnosis. I was issued weak pain killers each time. It got to the point where I felt the doctors thought I was just seeking drugs for recreation and making up the pain which made it even more depressing. My director at work, seeing the state I was in, told me her husband had great success at Rebound and I should just walk in and ask to be treated which I did. My very first Doctor was Dr. Jacobs, who was wonderful. He had a good idea what I had but didn't have the imaging yet, he administered a cortisol shot deep into the arm and for the first time in weeks I finally had some relief. My next appointment was Dr. Gambee who diagnosed me initially from just seeing my arm on top of my head! This evidently is a strong indication of a herniated disk pressing on the arm nerve leaving the neck, which was later confirmed by MRI. Then I was handed off to Dr. Le for surgery, he as the preceding two was excellent. He described the two methods he can do to fix it listing the pros and cons of each. I picked one and had the surgery about a week later. From the moment I awoke I knew it was fixed I had zero pain in my arm FINALLY after two months! These Doctors of Rebound literally gave me my life back, thank you so much god bless. Every single staff member was professional and courteous from the front desk to the Xray technician ALL of them were exceedingly polite and kind, I would not hesitate to recommend or use them again myself.

    – John G.

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    8 1/2 years ago Dr. Mark Coville replaced both knees in the same surgery. We have x-rayed my knees every 2 years and they show as good as the day they went in. I lead an active lifestyle; hike, flyfish, travel, sail and bike. I'll be 70 this year and have a very good quality of life. Mark is a good mechanic and fine surgeon whom I highly recommend. Thank you Mark!!

    – Tom F.

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    Love Dr. Colville, replaced both of my knees in 2008 and I hike, climb mountains, garden, I have my life back again. He is one of America's best... Thank you Rebound and Dr. Colville. I'm 71 years old and loving life...

    – Duane F.

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    I cut two of my fingers while working on a milling machine. I severed a nerve on my middle finger and a flexor tendon on my ring finger of my right hand. I worked in Portland and was taken to Emmanuel Hospital ER for my original care on December 16th 2015. I live in Camas so I naturally wanted to use local physicians for my care. Being the holidays Rebound was short staffed but Dr. Coale agreed to see me. He arranged for surgery immediately and after 4 long hours repaired my fingers.

    After 6 long months and physical therapy I have use of my hand and am very thankful for all that Dr. Coale did for me. He is not only an excellent doctor but he has a very good ability to explain injury and recovery in terms the patient can relate to. I would totally recommend Dr. Coale to anyone needing a hand specialist. Rene, his medical assistant is wonderful too. Thank you Dr. Coale for putting me back together again.

    – John W.

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    In 2014 I was diagnosed with a large benign brain tumor. I was referred to Dr. Modha at Rebound by another neurologist who called Dr. Modha's office during my appointment with the first doctor. By the time I got to my house Dr. Modha's office had called my house and left a message to call in the morning. I called first thing and they made appointment that day I was in Dr. Modha's office making an appointment for brain surgery within several weeks. Wow it was incredible to receive such quality care so quickly. I am very grateful.

    The surgery went very well. I was given excellent care by the staff. The doctor came to check on me himself during my 7 day stay. The hospital and clinic are very organized and carefully explained the recovery process and expectations I am so thankful for the experience I had. I have not been hospitalized since having children 25 years ago. I would chose this facility in the future if needed. Thank you to Dr. Modha and all the staff.

    – Brenda W.

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    It was a year in November 2015 that I am still cancer free!! Dr. Modha and his crew were amazing! Very scary and unexpected time for me and my family when I found out I had a brain tumor. I had been having many bad headaches, and was starting to get nauseus & dizzy. After trying a couple different medications that did not help, I asked to get an MRI, and that is when they saw it instantly. My wife and I met with Dr. Modha and he wasted no time in getting me in to surgery, and he made me and my family feel very confident that everything was going to be okay. He is an amazing doctor, and I would recommend him to anybody that was going through what I went through. Thankful to be alive and cancer free all because of him!!!

    – Mark

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    After several years of trying to manage my severe pain and numbness caused by spinal stenosis I saw Dr. Le who recommended surgery; he explained the procedure in lay person's terms and now, after 3 months post surgery I feel so grateful to be pain free! Thanks to the entire Neurosurgery team and 8th floor staff at SW Medical Center, You are the best!

    – Barbara E.

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    Ruptured L5. Surgery 10/2015. Followed Dr.'s post surgery orders of walking & yoga. 12 months later I am back to my old self. Thank you Rebound. Thank you Dr. Le.

    – Jim K.

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    In 2001 I had a spinal fusion for a congenital pars defect which caused decades of chronic pain and excruciating leg pain. Dr. Hoang Le did the surgury, and as a result I have essentially no pain, and am back, after years of disability, to doing whatever I want. Dr. Le, you appreciate the days weeks of pain I have not had in almost 4 years. I am DEEPLY grateful, as is my wife, Patty. Thank you Rebound Team and SW Washington Hospital.

    – Robert G.

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    I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Kafrouni three times. Every time he was patient and understanding to my questions and needs. I feel this doctor has a gift to truly understand what the patient is going through and has gone through. He was able to evaluate my care and re-evaluate the care that was given to me earlier by other doctors. He is a kind and honest doctor.

    – Tarin E.