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    Dr. Wei fixed chronic shoulder pain, calcific tendonitis, and frozen shoulder. Today I practiced taekwondo for an hour, mowed two lawns, pulled weeds, fixed a broken window, replaced a light fixture, fixed some other little things, dug a big hole, and cleaned the house for a couple of hours. After a day like this, I keep expecting my shoulder to hurt a lot, but it doesn't at all. Thanks again to you and your team! It's so good to be able to work again.

    – Kristin

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    I haven't been to see Dr. Crary for at least 8 years, because I don't have to! He did such a great job surgically that I am doing very well.

    When I first started seeing Dr. Crary, I was already diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis in my talus bone. I could barely walk and preferred to hop on one foot to get around. I had already been to two other physicians one of which performed some surgery. Dr. Crary took bone from my knee and replaced it with the necrosis in my ankle.

    Wow, I can walk pain free after 3 years of severe pain. Today I am walking and cycling long distances and am pain free.

    Thank you for giving me my freedom again. It's been a long time since I was last there, and I would say that's a good thing!

    – Dawn Depner

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    We had just moved here in June of 2005. In July I feel down the staircase and shattered my RT. ankel. I had no doctors as of yet. I am thankful every day for the brilliant surgery Dr. Woll performed. I received 10 screws and a metal plate. I remember him asking me before surgery what I expected from the operation. I told him I would still love to be able to walk and dance and play with my grandkids. To this day I think of him when ever I am walking and enjoying life. I thank you very much Dr. Woll you are truly my hero.

    – Dianne

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    I fell and broke my ankle. Had to have surgery with a plate and screws. I had such great care from start to finish. Dr. Woll was always so encouraging and I knew I was getting the best from him and his staff. I can't say enough about Dr. Woll and Rebound Clinic. The staff really cares for you as a patient but more importantly as a person. Thank you for caring for me and for being so kind not only to me, but to my family as well. I feel very blessed to have had the best doctor and staff.

    – Kathleen Wigle

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    I have had two bad knees for at least 30 years and only recently discovered a very arthritic left hip. After the hip discovery it was decided to replace hip first. This entire process from initial appointment with Dr. Sparling, hip school, hip replacement surgery, physical therapy and follow-on visits were all flawless. One of the best parts was everyone always letting me know what to expect. Very reassuring to have this knowledge to successfully move forward. This process continued very seamlessly with Dr. Roberts on my knee replacements. The education process was equally important during this knee replacement. I had one knee replacement on my left knee and a hardware removal on my right knee. Several months later I followed up with a right knee replacement.

    Rebound is the finest group of orthopedic professionals around. Truly a professional, caring and very skilled team of medical specialists. Thank you to all for offering excellent care and advice during all of the procedures. I would recommend Rebound and especially Drs. Roberts and Sparling to anyone looking for excellent orthopedic care.

    – David

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    I'm 73 . In 2003 I saw Dr. Hayes about an extreme calcium deposit on my right knee and Dr. Hayes removed it with a day surgery . He told me that I would need a replacement in the near future .He also recommend Bariatric Surgery for my morbid obesity. I lost 140 pounds and the knee lasted until the fall of 2011. I received my second knee in Oct 2914. Dr. Hayes had retired and referred me to Dr. Roberts. I honestly don't think that you could receive better care anywhere in the nation. I did not know much about Dr. Roberts before I have my first operation. I then researched him and discovered his outstanding record. If you need a knee, I totally recommend Rebound.

    I knew that physical therapy was EXTREMELY important for me to regain movement and flexibility in my knee. I requested Mike Baer who I had met back in 2003 with the removal of the calcium deposits. I told him to PUSH me so I would get the most from my new knees. He did.

    My wife and I have joined a coached exercise program to help keep us in good health. We are both seeing good results. So I now tell people that I have a pair a 20 year old's knees in a 73 year old body.

    My last thought is if you have real pain in your knees and have been told that you will need a joint replacement in your near fixture don't put it off. Do it you will be amazed at the results. I have absolutely no pain anymore- I can pretty much do whatever I want to. I like the outdoors and I fish, hunt, and go on hikes. The new knees have given me a new lease on life. The knees along with the extreme weight loss are the reason.

    – Doug W.

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    I have seen both Dr. Ellis for knee issues and Dr. Crary for foot/bunion pain - I initially saw Dr. Crary back in 2011 - he was the SEVENTH opinion I got for what seemed like impending bunion surgery - every other Dr. I went to seemed to want to cut into my feet, break bones and insert screws (even though no pain). Not only does Rebound have the most state of the art equipment of any the offices I had visited, Dr. Crary was not quick to say this was the only option - as a matter of fact he told me that unless things were painful it was not appropriate to operate. His analysis was thorough and I felt that he had reasonable evidence with the more current equipment to make a statement that made sense, contrary to others. I really felt like he was a straight shooter and gave me the treatment plans best for me, not for the Rebound Office bottom line.

    I recently had to go in to see Dr. Ellis for knee issues and again Dr. Crary for some additional foot issues -here it is four years later an both Drs. seem to know more than most I have experienced. Both Drs. I believe have either played basketball or another sport so I feel like they can relate and empathize with my issues. In addition, the physical therapy unit is right there at the offices, which tells me there is added synergy among the staff to ensure the best care for patients - I was impressed! I feel like I am in the best of hands with the best equipment for analysis and the best doctors - I couldn't ask for a better team to help manage my mobility issues (and with honest answers)- I am thankful to have them as a resource and would highly recommend to anyone.

    – Lisa A.

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    I have had Dr. Modha for my tumors for 5 years and would not have anyone else treat me. He is very straight forward and very honest with me. I have had 5 surgeries and he did all of them. He has saved my life with a couple of surgeries, and in my opinion he is the best, and my family thinks highly of him.

    Thank you,

    – Kathy C.

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    Initially, Dr. Crary had to visit me! I was brought to Peace Health Southwest by ambulance, having been involved in a head-on collision not far from my home. I can't remember much in the beginning; I sustained a TBI and stayed in a coma for a couple weeks. The story, so they tell me, was that I had sustained injuries in various areas of my body, the most critical being my brain injury, and then massive damage to my right foot and ankle. The option was to amputate. By some huge miracle, Dr. Crary attended the (ankle) injury and believed that it could be corrected with surgery rather than amputation. He operated in a fashion which looked much like piecing together a puzzle, judging by the many (MANY) x-rays taken from that point on.

    Dr. Crary continued to see me during my stay, and then long after for subsequent corrective surgeries, and then throughout months and months of physical therapy. No one was really sure how this situation would pan out; I think the hope was that the damage could be corrected with the closest resemblance possible to my foot before the accident.

    With each surgery, my ankle and foot decided it wanted to be back to normal. By the final surgery, it was a new ankle, but one which functioned with more and more ease. With each visit to Dr. Crary, and each visit to Lisa Seitz (my physical therapist,) I re-learned how to walk properly to the point where those who know me continue to point out that the limp has all but disappeared. I couldn't have gotten better care if I had asked. The Lord was with me that day, and blessed me with excellent doctors and excellent therapists, and a seeminly impossible chance to heal.

    – Nicole A.

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    Dr. Ellis did not try to push surgery like some docs would. He gave me a shot of cortisone and after a couple of weeks it reduced my pain. He is personable, knowledgable, and efficient. I will go back when needed in the future.

    – Barry P.