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    I was living with bone on bone in both knees due to a 30 year history of RA and acouple of skiing accidents. Dr. Roberts performed bilateral total knee replacement on January 25,2016. My recovery has been really remarkable. I've completed PT and am back in the gym and back to work. Still some stiffness but all in all I'm feeling really well. I'd also like to thank the Dr. Roberts team: Kyle Pirtle, PAC, Lori Ma and Dani Ma. Also "Thanks" to the great Surgery and recovery staff at Legacy Salmon Creek.

    – Donald B.

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    It all started out by me tearing my meniscus in my left knee-while doing NOTHING mind you, except taking about five steps, and SNAP! Down I went, in very bad pain. I went to a local orthopedic and was told I tore my meniscus and recommended surgery to repair it. Four months later, they did the surgery. Unfortunately, it never got better, only WORSE. I put up with it for over TWO years until the pain got so bad, I couldn't stand it any longer. I got three different orthopedic surgeons opinions, all different, and because of his great record, went with Dr. Roberts at the Rebound Clinic. He is my absolute HERO, and I told him so, more than once! It's been less than 5 months, and I am almost totally pain free-and NO MORE LIMPING!!! He's a miracle worker and I can't say enough good things about his professionalism, expertise and genuine caring about his patients. The same goes for his entire staff, especially his assistant, Kyle. The hospital at Legacy Salmon Creek is also top notch! Thank you Dr. Roberts and your Team for giving me my life back! I would and HAVE recommended Dr. Roberts to anyone who needs an orthopedic surgeon-especially knee surgery!

    – Colleen R.

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    I have had two bad knees for at least 30 years and only recently discovered a very arthritic left hip. After the hip discovery it was decided to replace hip first. This entire process from initial appointment with Dr. Sparling, hip school, hip replacement surgery, physical therapy and follow-on visits were all flawless. One of the best parts was everyone always letting me know what to expect. Very reassuring to have this knowledge to successfully move forward. This process continued very seamlessly with Dr. Roberts on my knee replacements. The education process was equally important during this knee replacement. I had one knee replacement on my left knee and a hardware removal on my right knee. Several months later I followed up with a right knee replacement.

    Rebound is the finest group of orthopedic professionals around. Truly a professional, caring and very skilled team of medical specialists. Thank you to all for offering excellent care and advice during all of the procedures. I would recommend Rebound and especially Drs. Roberts and Sparling to anyone looking for excellent orthopedic care.

    – David

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    I just wanna report how absolutely comfortable I am...and how wonderful my entire experience has been from the first pre op appointment. I have such peace... I feel so confident in my recovery...I am way more pain free than I expected to be at this point in time. Thank you Rebound and Thank you Dr Roberts!!!I just wanna report how absolutely comfortable I am...and how wonderful my entire experience has been from the first pre op appointment. I have such peace... I feel so confident in my recovery...I am way more pain free than I expected to be at this point in time. Thank you Rebound and Thank you Dr Roberts!!!

    – Greg A.

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    I did the operation on February 10 by the end of May I started playing tennis again I am very pleased with outcome and I am glad that I having no pain in my knees even after playing tennis for couple of hours. Dr. Roberts was amazing and I am glad he is the one I chose to do this operation.

    – Wally J.

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    I had two bad knees and Dr. Roberts replaced first the right knee, then years later the left knee. He is the best!!! Surgeries went well, the physical therapy was fantastic. Then a few years later Dr. Sparling replaced my hips six months apart and I had no trouble at all. Didn't need any physical therapy. Both of the doctors are excellent! I would recommend them to anyone!

    – Judy F.

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    I can't say enough about Dr. Roberts and his team. I had 2 bad knees for many years but couldn't be "the patient" as I was taking care of my ailing mother and husband. I'm a tennis player and the pain was keeping me off the court. I couldn't travel, or even shop with girlfriends . I found being on my feet for any amount of time to be problematic. As soon as I was able, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Roberts who immediately inspired confidence. "Let's get you back on the tennis courts and out of pain" was basically his approach. I wasn't going to argue with that!! I had double knee replacement December of 2014 and was back on the courts in a few months. I live alone and all of my fears about doing this surgery were addressed by Dr. Roberts and everything he told me was spot on. My tennis team brought me dinners, I got rides to physical therapy for 3 weeks, but I managed quite well. What capable and confident hands I was in!! I had everything I needed. Great bedside manner, a caring and responsive staff, surgeon extraordinaire, what more could you ask for? I would do it again in a heartbeat. One surgery, one recovery, 2 new knees, ready for tennis and travel!! If you are thinking about doing both at the same time, don't hesitate with this capable, experienced ream. They are fabulous!

    – Ann C.

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    Dr. Roberts did 4 of my 5 knee surgeries after I had a faulty 1st ACL reconstruction with a different Doctor (not at Rebound). With his excellent care, skills and knowledge he brought my left knee back to the best possible place it could be after being traumatized! I had such a great experience at Rebound with Dr. Roberts, his PA Kyle Pirtle was awesome as well.

    – Sarah C.

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    My knees had been in bad shape for several years. Both had been operated on 50 years ago and neither were any longer aligned properly. At 68, I could walk straight ahead but could not move laterally w/o difficulty. I could not mow my grass, golf or play catch with my grandsons. I avoided stairs as much as possible. Dr. Donald Roberts recommended both be replaced at the same time. I agreed and had surgery on 12-02-14 by Dr. Roberts and Kyle Pirtle. After two nights in the hospital and two therapy sessions, I returned home. The first day after returning home, they had me begin physical therapy. I was climbing stairs in my home by day three and driving by myself seven days later. I never had significant pain and am now fully able to do all of the above w/o even thinking about my knees. A complete, wonderful experience and, as others have said, a new life!

    Thank you Dr. Roberts and Kyle Pirtle!

    – Keith

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    He makes sure he gets all the information he needs from you, then he listens to what you want to tell him. Sometimes it's hard for me to wait to tell him what I think is so important, but he knows what info he needs to diagnose and treat. He ordered an MRI which is what I'd wanted to have done. With those results, he offered treatment options, rather than telling me what I HAD to do. I've been very happy to work with him.

    – Carol B.