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    I would like to thank Dr. Musleh for my very successful back surgery in 2014. After going through severe pain in my lower back and the need to carry a cane to keep from falling caused from sudden loss of control of my left leg. 

    Today I am able to walk and stand with no limits, I am back to doing things that I have been unable to accomplish in several years.

    I recently returned from a trip to Sofia Bulgaria, where I was able to walk around that city on rough skinny stone side walks with no pain or worry.

    Many thanks again to Dr. Musleh and his staff for all they have done for me.
    I will turn 76 in May and feel like I'm 46 again.

    – Leo B.

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    I didn't wear my knee out by being a couch potato; I wore it out by running, skiing, hiking, water skiing, golf, horse back riding and my greatest fear before coming into this surgery was that I might not be able to do these things again. I heard about Dr. Roberts at lunch while skiing with friends at Mt Hood Meadows and during our conversation they told me about this great Doc that worked on the Portland Trail Blazers fixing up their injuries and I decided he was the man that could help me. The old bowed out leg that hurt is now straight as an arrow; nine months later I was skiing Mt Hood Meadows on the weekly ski bus and am so happy when I aggressively walk the trails, golf and work out five days a week. I am getting ready to go to a "Boot Camp" at my gym and never think I have a knee replacement unless it is to brag about my doctor and the successful surgery outcome. I did the follow up exercises faithfully and went to Rebound where Mike pushed me into a great rehab routine. I am looking at having the second knee done this next March after ski season and know Dr. Roberts will take good care of me and my knee.

    – Karen H.

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    Thanks to Dr. Southerland and his staff. I now have two new knees which I had replaced at the same time. I now can kneel, walk, ride my bike, do yard work and much much more! I would love to share my recovery and tips with other candidates for knee replacements. Again a BIG thank again you to all who helped me achieve the active lifestyle I now have.

    – Dianne P.

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    How lucky was I. First to be admitted 2 days after totally destroying my tendon. Dr. Southerland and Joel Phillips put me back together. Dr. mentioned I had some of the worst damage that he had ever seen. After three months of rehab, the bend was only 70%. Another surgery was looming. Dr. Southerland took one look at the knee and declared "go back in the gym and face the pain". I did, and he was right! After 8 months of difficult rehab, the bend is now close to normal. How important it is to receive exceptional attention during the process of healing!
    Thanks to Steve and Joel for their special gifts!

    – Doug M.

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    On Feb 6th 2015 I put my quality of life in the hands of Dr. Musleh & team. I put off back surgery for 14 years because at the time I was told there was nothing could be done. At the end of 2014 I ended up in Dr Musleh's office. I thank God I did. After some tests we found out that the nerve in my right leg was about to be cut off by bone growth. On Feb 6th 2015 I had a 9 hour surgery to fix the problem. Fuse L4 to S1 and cut the bone that was cutting off my nerve. The minute I opened my eyes there was NO pain in my right leg and my back feels so much better. Thank you Dr. Musleh and Team for your service.

    – Curtis F.

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    In the fall of 2004, I went to Hawaii to enjoy 2 weeks of time with family on the Big Island. I Unfortunately fell in one of their warm ponds and broke my right ankle. Not only was my right ankle broken but as time went on, the left side of my body began to compensate and get weak, my left knee eventually gave out. Dr. DeSilva was following me with this intense pain, with injections and therapy. We all did the best we could until we had to make the decision that my knee needed to be replaced. I had my knee replaced in April of 2014 with Dr. DeSilva. I cannot begin to say how much my new knee gave me a bit more freedom with pain free activities. Even though I'm still waiting to receive my new ankle. The patience from the staff, the consideration, careful planning and aftercare from Dr. DeSilva was absolutely outstanding. I would refer all my friends to him and the staff there at Rebound. Even though I am still waiting another major surgery on my ankle in April, I am actually happy and anticipating getting my new lease on life. Even though these are major surgeries the staff and physicians at Rebound have made this an exciting time in my life. I look forward to the new me.

    – Helen E.

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    Thank you Dr. Ellis and staff!

    You are the best. I had total knee replacement 6 months ago and the only regret is that I did not do it sooner. The docs, staff, hospital and rehab folks all worked incredibly well together to make the recovery amazingly short and the results better than my wildest dreams. What is this 60 year old ready for now? Looking at snow boarding equipment!

    – Peter D.

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    Thank you Dr. Sparling for my new hip! You have given me my life back! You and your staff are both wonderful and amazing!

    Thank you.

    – Sharon S.

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    Five years ago, I was frightened at the thought of back surgery but reached a point where there was no other option. Dr. Le gave me my life back.... I was terrified to have all 3 affected levels of my spine treated. So, four years later... (Last May) I had no choice but to have the next 2 levels treated. Again Dr. Le was fantastic ... I have never felt better and in 40 years my back has never been as pain free as it is now. Thank you to Dr. Le, his staff and crew for taking such great care. I have recommended him to many..

    – Sandy

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    In January 2014, I called Rebound Orthopedics to ask Dr. Woll to do a below knee amputation of my right leg. I had broken my ankle in three places in 1974, had been in a posterior splint (to immobilize the ankle from the movement that caused so much pain) since 2005, and had been taking opioid medication for many years in an effort to keep working full-time despite “severe post-traumatic arthritis” in the ankle joint. By the end of 2013, my ankle pain was so severe that I hobbled through work each day leaning on a cane, and had stopped exercising. The pain was so severe that it kept me awake each night, as I twisted about, trying to find some position of comfort. I hurt so badly, so much of the time, that I decided I would rather get by on a prosthetic leg than to suffer any longer with grinding, shooting pain all the time.

    A major concern was that the last time I had seen Dr. Woll, he had estimated that ankle joint replacement surgery was still five years in the future. Thinking that it had only been three years since I’d heard Dr. Woll’s estimate, I concluded that amputation was my only viable option. When Dr. Woll saw me in clinic a few days after my call for an appointment, he smiled when he heard my request and told me he was very pleased with the newly FDA-approved STAR ankle prosthesis, and offered me a joint replacement surgery. It had indeed been five years since my last visit.

    Ten days later, I was admitted to the hospital for surgery. At 11:00 AM the next morning, I was in a friend’s car, discharged home, in far less pain than I’d lived with for the past 27 years. Six weeks after the operation, I was back to work (on a knee scooter, for sure, but working). Seven weeks after surgery, I was off all pain medication.

    I knew, when I requested surgery, that Dr. Woll was on orders with the US Army to return to Active Duty (for his fourth deployment overseas!). In his absence, Dr. Woll left me in the capable hands of Dr. Pierce and the Rebound staff, all of whom did a phenomenal job in my post-op care. With each and every visit to any of the Rebound offices, I was met and assisted by distinctively pleasant, skilled receptionists, patient services representatives, x-ray and cast technicians, medical assistants and medical providers.

    By the time Dr. Woll returned from service in Afghanistan, I was walking without a limp, working full-time without mechanical aid or pain medication, riding my bike, driving…in short, living life to the hilt. To conclude that the operation and post-operative results have been life-changing would be an understatement. There are very few activities Dr. Woll told me to avoid (ex: racket sports), but I basically do anything and everything I want. My quality of life is, in a word, excellent.

    – Darryl D.